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8 Tips To Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Tips to Increase your levels of testosterone

Do you want to boost your levels of testosterone and get some of that male edge back in your life?

If so, I suggest that you spend the next 5 minutes reading this article.  Here you are going to learn a couple of tips that make it possible to boost your testosterone levels.

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is an androgen hormone produced naturally in our bodies to develop and grow male characteristics. It is present in the female body as well but in smaller quantities.

For men who want to be good at their sports, or want to develop an extraordinary physique higher levels of testosterone is beneficial because it helps you to become a winner.

Not only will testosterone make you stronger, it will also make you more competitive.

When you want to increase your testosterone, there is an illegal and a legal way to do so.

Here we are going to take a closer look at the legal way to increase your testosterone. It is mainly done in the form of particular foods, healthy eating, and supplements.

Tips to Boost Testosterone

Let’s have a look at 8 main tips to boost your testosterone levels.

  1. Good Nutrition

Not all foods, but there are some that are easy to find and at a very affordable cost. Foods like garlic, red meat, eggs, vegetables (broccoli and peppers), Greek yogurt and black beans are essential for anyone who wants to boost testosterone.

  1. Physical Exercises

When we do a medium to a high-intensity physical effort, our body starts to produce more hormones to provide strength and energy for the muscles to withstand the pressure.

Therefore, if you start practicing physical activity, be it running, walking, aerobics, bodybuilding, cycling, any of the exercises that will make you exercise, will help you increase your testosterone rate.

  1. Look For Your Ideal Weight

You may not know it, but in overweight men, testosterone levels are lower. Testosterone tends to be less produced by people with large accumulations of body fat so that for these people the first step to get higher levels of testosterone is getting rid of fat.

  1. Sleep Well and Get Plenty of Rest

Getting plenty of sleep and rest is very important when you want to increase your testosterone levels. It is a known fact that men with less sleep tend to have lower levels of testosterone.

  1. Reduce Stress

Stress reduces your levels of testosterone. When you are under stress your body produces a hormone named cortisol the decreases your body’s testosterone production.

Stress is a difficult thing to get rid of, but you should at least try to get off as much stress as possible from your daily life.

  1. Try to Sunbathe

Exposure to the sun is critical to ensure one of the benefits present in the balanced diet: absorption of vitamin D. 15 to 30 minutes of sun exposure per day will be enough to ensure adequate levels of vitamin D, which will also be a good way of how to boost testosterone.

Note: If you can get naked under the sun, the results are even better. But don’t stay out in the sun too long.

  1. Avoid Alcohol

Excessive intake of alcohol dramatically reduces your testosterone. Furthermore, alcohol also tends to convert testosterone into the female counterpart, estrogen.

Stop drinking too much alcohol will benefit your testosterone in all ways.

  1. Lower Your Coffee Drinking

Of course, a cup of coffee will not make a difference in your testosterone, but for those who exaggerate and drink coffee all day long, it certainly will. Coffee causes a slight increase in cortisol levels, which hampers the production of testosterone.


In this article, we have given you 8 tips to increase your levels of testosterone besides getting starting using these tips you can also use an all natural testosterone enhancing supplement.

These types of supplements are not anabolic steroids or illegal in anyway. They contain all natural ingredients that can help you to improve your levels of testosterone.

HT Rush is a good one to get started with if you also like going to the gym building lean muscles and strength.

Priamax and Primex Testo Max are the ones we recommend if you are more than 35 years of age and want to give your overall male health an overhaul.

But first, get started with the 8 above tips and take it from there.

Simple Strategies to Improve Testosterone in Men

Strategies to boost your testosteroneTestosterone injections or shots might help increase testosterone naturally in your body. Nevertheless, such shots might be debilitating and expensive. They are able to possess lots of negative side effects also.

Testosterone and men are two sides of the exact same coin. It is the hormone that affects your body and behavior in innumerable ways. Testosterone production is at its maximum level during puberty when important body development occurs. It’s the hormone that makes boys grow into men. Nevertheless, its production starts slowing down following the age of 30.

This slow down in testosterone activates a series of developments in the body. Nevertheless, testosterone production could be raised naturally.

Listed here are a number of the best approaches to improve testosterone in men:

Boost Your Zinc Consumption

Zinc is the most crucial mineral in regards to increasing testosterone levels in your body. Creature protein is rich in this mineral. Steak, fish, eggs and poultry are excellent resources of zinc you have to include in your diet.

Besides this, certain vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower will help remove estrogen out of your body. You need to strive to contain them in your diet since a higher rate of estrogen also can lead to low testosterone.

Attempt some Avocados

You also need to consider including avocados in your diet. They have been rich in folic acid and vitamin B6. Folic acid metabolizes specific proteins in your body and can help increase your energy levels.

Vitamin B6, on the flip side, can help increase testosterone secretion.

Compound Exercises

Exercise is an excellent strategy to improve testosterone production in men. Nevertheless, it’s strength training which in fact works to boost testosterone secretion.

Compound exercises that work on an organization of muscles foster testosterone production. Isolation exercises which work on smaller muscles like biceps or triceps have little impact on testosterone.

Using Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters is a new type of supplements available on the market. The benefits using them is that you are going to get a cocktail of all-natural ingredients that effectively can help you to boost your levels of testosterone.

A good starting point here is a supplement like Testosterone Reload, is gives you just the right ingredients to help you to take care of your testosterone levels.


3 Factors Important to Your Muscle Building

Tips to Improve Your Muscle BuildingFor guys who wants to build lean muscles and strength, it is important not only to focus on going to the gym. There are so many other factors that are vital to your success. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at three factors that are important to your muscles building.

Your Diet

Next, after your workout, your diet is the most important thing. Some guys will even say it is more important that going to the gym. However, without going to the gym you are not going to pack on any lean muscles, so let’s focus on your diet.

When you are getting your diet right for muscle building it is important you pay attention to the three nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, and fat. Only focusing on proteins, as a lot of guys are doing, is not going to help you. You must create a synergy between your nutrients so you can optimize your body and your muscles to take up more nutrients.

When it comes to proteins, it is important that you get between 1 and 1.5 grams per pound of body weight. The exact number depends on a lot of how high your metabolism is.

Your Levels of Testosterone

Testosterone is the main male hormone and very important for your growth, muscles, and sexual health. Without testosterone, it is going to be more difficult to carry out your daily functions as a man. For a guy who likes to build lean muscles and work out in the gym, you will have to main as high levels of testosterone as possible.

To do this, you should eat the right type of food such as protein-rich red meat and Omega 3 fatty fish. You also must make sure you are getting a couple of ingredients such as zinc and cholesterol. Here whole eggs and spinach are excellent sources.

To make sure your body is in the perfect condition to form testosterone for your muscles building you can use a testosterone booster like Alpha Force Testo. It will enhance your levels of testosterone with a couple of ingredients that has been showed to be very effective when you want to raise your levels. Here we are talking about Testofen Fenugreek. Learn a lot more in the Alpha Force Testo reviews.

Plenty of Rest

The final factor is to make sure you are getting plenty of rest so your body and muscles can recover and form new muscle tissues. Your period of rest is just as important as going to the gym.

A lot of guys tend to believe that to build lean muscles you have to spend as much time as possible in the gym. It is far from the truth. Don’t stay longer than an hour, but while you are there you push yourself hard.

The muscle building itself does not happen in the gym but when you rest.

Learn more about Fenugreek here.

Also, check our video below and get even more tips to improve your muscle building.

7 Ways to Stop Hunger When You Are on a Weight Loss Diet

Stop Hunger and get started to lose weightBeing hungry is one of the issues that can sabotage even the best diet attempts. In our human nature, being hungry is something we by all costs want to avoid.

But it does not have to be this way, hunger does not have to be a controlling factor in your life.

In this article, we are going to give you 7 Tips you can use to stop hunger.

Get started to use these tips while you are on your diet and they will help you to avoid these hunger hormones trying to foul you.

Make Sure to Getting Breakfast as Early As Possible

I know it’s difficult especially if you are not used to having breakfast. But one of the best things to fight hunger during the day is to start your day with a substantial breakfast.

It is important that you eat breakfast as early as possible, preferably right after you woke up. It will make it a whole lot easier to avoid hunger during the day.

Eat Plenty of Protein Rich Food in each of your meals

Not only are proteins essential for your body, cells, and muscles. Proteins are also a great appetite suppressant that can lower your food intake.

Always make sure to get around 30 grams of proteins in each of your meals. It is equal to 200 grams of lean chicken, meat or fish.

The rest of the needed proteins you will get from vegetables and the other sources of food you are having.

Eat Fiber Rich Food

Eating lots of fibers will fill up your stomach so you will feel full and satisfied. It is an excellent way to stop being hungry, especially if you are getting your fibers from whole grains, oatmeals or other similar sources.

However, it is also a good idea to get fibers from salads and vegetables.

If you are not that used to fibers they may give you some bloating and constipation in the beginning, but this feeling is only temporary and will disappear when you get used to it.

Setup Your Daily Meals and Stick to The Plan

It is a good idea to have your main meals and snacks at certain planned times during the day. Sporadic eating is not the way forward when you want to lose weight.

Also, plan ahead so you know exactly what you are having for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It will make it easier for you to maintain control of what you are eating during the day.

It is also an excellent way to spoil yourself with a cheat meal once a week because you know exactly if you can afford it or not when it comes to your calorie intake.

Maintain Mouth Hygiene

It may sound crazy, but a great way to stop hunger is to make sure to keep your mouth clean.

Brush your teeth regularly, use chewing gum on a regular basis too, especially the ones with a cleansing effect.

Use an Appetite Suppressant Supplements

supplements like Green Garcinia Gold can be an excellent way to suppress your appetite so you are eating less and will not get tempted to eat food the same way as before.

Garcinia Cambogia supplements come with HCA which is a compound that can raise your serotonin levels. Higher levels will suppress your appetite by making your mood more active.

Remember the most efficient way to stop hunger is by making your mood positive, so less negative feelings will control your eating habits.

Good Advice, But Still Impossible to Stop Hunger!

We are all on a different level when we want to lose weight.

Mentally and psychological there are a lot of factors that plays in and can make it difficult to stop hunger. If it is impossible to stop hunger and you must have something to eat, then go for the healthiest choice.

If it is impossible to stop hunger and you must have something to eat, then go for the healthiest choice.

Like, fruit is better than candy. Salty nuts are better than chips. A Salad with lean chicken is better than fatty processed food, etc.

Learn More

So why do we get hungry like that, without really being hungry?

There are a lot of factors playing in here; it is a good idea to learn more about emotional eating and what exactly causes these hunger pains.  Check out this article to get started.

Cleansing Your Body an Alternative Way to Lose Weight

Cleansing Your Body

Counting calories and making sure to keep your intake of them as low as possible, seems to be the preferred weight loss method among many people who wants to lose weight.

But there are other ways to promote a weight loss, methods where you do no have to be that strict with your calorie intake. One of them is cleansing your body to get rid of toxins and waste products.

In this article, we are going to take a closer look at how you can get started to lose some weight by cleansing your body.

Different Methods When it Comes to Cleansing Your Body

When you want to cleanse your body, you need to be aware that there are a couple of ways to do this. Some of them you are likely not going to enjoy, and other will be a lot easier to perform.

Doing an Enema

Is probably the method you are likely not going to enjoy, but it is the most efficient one and will give you an instant weight loss because you will get rid of waste products and toxins rapidly.

When you do an enema, you will flush body temperature water up in your digestive canal and colon, for then to flush it out sitting on a toilet. This approach can be repeated to get more toxins and waste products out.

Juice Dieting

Another way to obtain a cleansing effect is by doing a juice diet. Here you will get all your nutrients covered by vegetable juices a couple of times during the day.

This approach will give you a cleansing effect in a couple of days that will continue to improve as long as you are juicing.

The problem with this method is that many people have problems to stick to the juice diet because they feel hunger, and the temptations for food only gets too much.

Using Garcinia Cambogia

It is probably the easiest method to perform, but you will have to stick to this diet for a couple of weeks to really feel some good results.

Garcinia Cambogia Plus is most effective if you combine it with a healthy diet and a healthy calorie intake.

Garcinia Slim is a Garcinia Cambogia supplement that will help your body to get rid of fat and carbohydrates from your diet. It is done by altering hormonal levels of bodily functions, so it gets a whole lot easier for your body to digest calories.

Ven Cleanse is the cleansing effect of this combo and consists of green coffee bean extract which has shown to be very effective when you want to cleanse your body.

You just need to remember taking this supplement combo alone will not do the trick, a healthy diet is essential if you want to see some good results using this method.

Learn More

When it comes to cleansing your body, it is always a good idea to do your research and learn more about the many methods available when you want to cleanse your body.

You also need to learn the essential about cleansing your body; you can do that by clicking here.

Also, check the video below to get some more tips on cleansing your body.

Getting Rid of Sugar Cravings and Lose Weight Faster

How to Stop Sugar Cravings
Woman with sugar lips enjoys eating a doughnut

One thing is for sure if there is one thing that can destroy your weight loss diet attempts it is sugar. Sugar cravings, while you want to lose weight can mess up your brain and get you right back to your old eating habits again. And when you are stuck there it can be tough to get back on track with your diet, because sugar is like a drug and can be very addictive.

And when you are stuck there it can be tough to get back on track with your diet, because sugar is like a drug and can be very addictive.

In this article, we are going to take a closer at what you can do to get rid of these sugar cravings and be able to stick to your diet without any disruptions.

Never Go Around Hungry

Going hungry around and not be able to maintain your 5 to 6 smaller meals per day can trigger your sugar cravings. It is probably the biggest problem among people who wants to lose weight.

The easiest way to avoid these cravings is to make sure to eat regular and healthy food every three hours. It Is also the recommended guidelines for every diet, nutritionists and doctors.

Taking in sugar as your primary sources of calories during stressful periods will increase your cortisol levels and make it much easier to become over-weighted.

Increase Your Daily Protein Intake, Especially for Breakfast

Getting a high amount of proteins are an excellent way to stop sugar cravings. Not only will proteins make you feel full and satisfied, but they will also stop the thoughts of the need for sugar.

Especially increasing your protein intake at breakfast time will benefit you the whole day, because it will lower your sugar cravings overall.

Solve What Ever Issues You May Have The Makes You Crave Sugar

Often it is not because we are hungry or need to get some calories we turn into sugar-rich foods.

Deeper emotions, thoughts or problems directly trigger our brains reward system, so we feel like we are getting a reward when we are “allowed” to get some sweets.

Here it can be a great idea to do a little soul searching to figure out if there is anything you are concerned about that trigger this reward system. It can be a breakup, problems at work or something on a deeper levels.

Just getting aware of it is often enough to stop your sugar cravings.

Suppress Your Appetite

Suppress your appetite is not only an excellent way to stop your sugar cravings. It is also a great way to stop whatever cravings for food you may have.  Using a supplement like Phen Q is a good way to suppress your appetite. It will do it by increasing levels of serotonin.

High amounts of serotonin will reduce the levels of the hunger hormones that causes these cravings for sugar.

When you work on your appetite using using Phen Q you will also learn portion control, which will benefit you for years to come after you finished your diet.

Check out to learn a lot more on how you buy PhenQ

Increase Your Activity Levels

The more active you are, the fewer cravings for sugar you will have. Your brain releases endorphins while you are active. These are an excellent way to fight off sugar cravings.

So in your daily life always make sure to walk around a lot, do some activities at home or get a gym membership. It will all add up and benefit you when you want to stop sugar cravings.

You can get yet another 13 ways to fight sugar cravings at this link.

Get Better Gains With Your Leg Workouts

Most guys hate doing it others are hiding them in a pair of baggy pants. We are talking about your leg workouts, the muscle group a lot of guys want to avoid and only a few are training as was it a science.

The fact is if you are serious about your training you do need to do your leg workouts as well. It is embarrassing to see guys hiding their legs in a pair of baggy pants because they are not training their legs.

For must guys, it is the thought of the pain that they may get from doing exercises like squats, deadlifts or lunges. Seriously get over it.

How to Approach Your Leg Workouts

So how should solve this issue? First of all, you should get started to train your legs at least once every week. Not only will it give you some good gains with muscles on your legs. It will also release a cocktail of growth hormones that will benefit muscles for the rest of your body.

Your Exercises

When it comes to your leg workouts doing more does not mean better. With your leg workouts you should stick to only a few but very useful exercises such as squats, lunges, deadlifts and leg press.

Secondary exercises you can combine these four primary exercises with are leg curls, leg extensions, sitting and standing calf raises.

It is basically what you need to do. But make you that you train hard, so you barely can do the last couple of reps.

Your Workout

With my leg workouts, I will do leg extensions and curls more as a warm up because they can be hard on your knees and lower back. So I use these two exercises to fill up my leg muscles with blood, so I can be ready to lit very hard with my primary first leg exercises.

From then on I will move on with squats first, and then lunges and leg presses until I feel exhausted.

Finally, I will end up doing my calf training.

Sets and Repetitions

Your legs workouts should contain of 4 sets and repetition range of between 12 and down to 6.

If I feel good one day and ready to push myself harder, I will go up to do six sets on exercises like squats and leg press in order exhaust my legs even further.

When It Comes to Your Leg Workout Diet

If you want to get more muscle mass on your legs, it is recommended to take your diet a little more serious around your leg workout days.

Still make sure to get a good amount of proteins, maybe even go up to between 40 and 50 grams per meal including snack that day.

I will also pay more attention to my carbohydrates. Make sure to get some good solid starches like potatoes and brown rice.

Finally, to get the final juice to your leg workouts, I would use a supplement like Black Label No. It will optimize the nutrients I am getting from my diet and will give me more energy and endurance for my leg workouts.

It is important when you want to get the most out of your training.

To learn more about Black Label No check out this site

Learn more about the importance of training your legs here.

Tired of Dieting? Try the Official HCG Diet!

Official HCG Diet Plan DropletsLet us face it, going on a diet year after year because we overate ourselves during the holidays can really be a problem to many of us.

Not only do we have to change our life, we also have to deal with the consequences of being on a low-calorie diet, like for example bad mood or always to be struggling against all the temptation of bad foods we get on our way.

Normally if a typical low-calorie diet needs to be effective enough for us in order to reach our weight loss goals we need to do it for at least 20 weeks. That is if we want to lose between 10 and 20 pounds. Of course, it depends on who you are and how effective you are doing your diet.

However what if you could reach your weight loss goals in as little as 4 weeks and be ready for Valentines day?  Would you do that diet?

Probably yes, because being on a diet for only 4 weeks and lose the same amount of weight compared to if you were dieting for 20 weeks, will be a whole lot easier to manage.

The basic fact is that this type of diet does exist. The name of it is the Official HCG Diet. It will make you lose weight by using your body fat as calorie fuel instead getting your calorie needs covered from the food you are eating.

So how can this be done? When you are on the HCG Diet Plan you will take Human chorionic gonadotropin in order to signal to your body that it needs to get its calorie needs covered from your body fat!

HCG as it is also called can you get either as injections or droplets. With the Official HCG Diet, you will get droplets and they are way easier to handle than injections.

The second part of the HCG diet plan is the diet itself. Here you will be eating as little as 500 or 1000 calories depending how well you are doing. This is very little, but you do not need to worry. You will not feel any hunger at all because you will get all your calories covered from your body fat.

It is a lot more to learn about the Official HCG Diet Plan I suggest that you  check out this link to learn more

You can also learn more about Human Chorionic Gonadotropin at the following link.

Check to see the video below to see how the HCG diet could look like

Thin Secret Garcinia Cambogia a Weight Loss Alernative

Thin Secret Garcinia CambogiaFor people who wants to lose weight and have been dieting at least a couple of times in their life probably recognizes how difficult it can be to go on a low calorie restriction diet and stick to it for a longer period of time.

The truth is that you are not only fighting to keep your motivation and will power up when it comes to not falling into some of the many temptations on your way to a slimmer you. You are also fighting against your brain that will do everything possible to make you start eating again. This is done by sending waves of hunger hormones out in your body, that will remain active until you finally toss the towel and start eating again.

What if I told you that it really does not have to be this way. That you really do not need to go thru all this pain order to lose weight. Would you stop and listen? Hopefully, because there is actually a good alternative to low calorie dieting. An alternative that will make you lose weight as well, but where you just need to calories you need and do it as healthy as possible.

Thin Secret Garcinia Cambogia is a weight loss supplement containing hydroxycitric acid. This is a very powerful compound when we are speaking weight loss. HCA can effectively raise your serotonin levels which will give you a couple of benefits.

Higher serotonin levels means lower levels of hunger hormones. This means it will be easier to stick to your diet because your appetite will be suppressed. Higher levels of serotonin also means that you will not fight so much with emotional eating, since serotonin is the “happy” neurotransmitter.

Finally HCA will also ensure that your body will be burning of more fat before it get stored on your body as storage fat. This means it will become so much easier to get rid of that excessive fat you have stored on hips, thighs and buttocks.

In order for you to get started with a supplement like Thin Secret Garcinia Cambogia, you need to know that there is an easy way to do so. You can get yourself a garcinia cambogia free trial. This is an excellent opportunity to test and try it out.

It is vital to your success that the supplement is premium, because it need to come with the right dosage and HCA level, else it will not work.

Learn a lot more at

You should also spend a little time to learn a lot more about the science behind hydroxycitric acid over at wikipedia.

Get a couple of weight loss tips in the video below.

The Road to Great Muscle Building Success

Muscle Building Success TipsIf you really want to get big and muscular with a lot of strength then you really need to understand the importance of taking your workouts and diet serious, else you are not going to get the results you want.

Getting big on that higher level that makes you stand out will take a lot of determination and hardware. You will need to treat it as a lifestyle. The question is are you ready to take that step? If you are not, it is ok too. You can still go to the gym in order to get a little marked! But if you want get really big then you need to read our road to great muscle building success.

First you need to understand that going to the gym is only half of the work. Some would even say it is only a quarter of the work. No matter what you believe it is important that you put some dedication into your diet, supplementation and your periods of rest. They are all needed in order to become a successful muscle builder.

Your Diet

It is important that your diet is at least as important as your workouts. It is in the kitchen you are creating the building blocks to build your muscles. And you need to make sure that these building blocks are of the right material.

I am not going to talk about the importance of proteins because you already know how important they are to your success.

What is important to mention is that you need to eat as clean as possible. Forget about processed meat like sausages, bacon or ham. New studies actually show that they can cause cancer if you eat to much of it, but clean eating is important.

You also need to make sure you are getting some good sources of carbohydrates and fats, don’t leave them out of your diet. It is wrong to believe that you only need proteins for then to sacrifice other important nutrients.


Very often when you are serious about your muscle building you should use a couple of supplements to help you to get bigger with. It is important to remember that supplements should not be the overall solution to a problem, but a helping hand to overcome certain muscle building problems. A problem that often occurs is lack of energy within your muscle cells.

This means that you are not working out optimal, basically you could push your muscle a little bit extra, but you do not have the anaerobic energy to do so. Here a supplement like Nitro MXS is a good choice. It will give you a couple of ingredients that will load energy into your muscles so you will be able to push yourself harder.

Another problem that often occurs where supplements can be a great idea is when we are not getting enough nutrient out to your muscles thru our blood system. Here you will need to raise your body nitric oxide levels, this can be done effectively with a nitric oxide supplement like No2 Power Blast.


You need to remember that there are so many different aspects of working out and ways to do it. There are golden rules you need to learn and a lot of other stuff. We have touched to areas in this article, hopefully it can motivate you to do even more investigation yourself.

Nitric oxide levels are probably one of the most overlooked factors when it comes to muscle building. Learn the basic of nitric oxide levels here.

No Results? A Must Have Muscle Building Supplement!

Muscle Building Supplement like a testosterone boosterSometimes the best thing you can do if you are not getting the expected results in gym, is to stop for a moment. Just consider exactly what the causes might be, why you are not building muscles and what you can do to solve the problem.

Way to many guys think that the only solution to the problem is to work out harder in the gym. They sometimes end up training 2 or 3 hours every day, because they believe that this is the way forward.

This is most often not the case. Often the reason is because your body needs something that can help it to optimize the muscle building.

High metabolism is one thing that may prevent from building lean muscles, another one is low levels of testosterone. This is likely the case if your diet and work out is right but your results are lacking.

A good recommendation here is to get started with a muscle building supplement like a testosterone booster. This is an all natural collection of a couple of ingredients that can help you to restore your natural testosterone levels, so you once again can build some lean muscles.

You need to remember that testosterone is the hormone that promotes muscle growth, lack of it will not make you build any lean muscles at all or at least it will take you a very long time.

The good thing is that if you get started with a testosterone booster like T 90 Xplode you do not even need to think of getting started with anabolic steroid. Natural testosterone boosters can get you a long way with restoring your testosterone levels. This is without risking any serious side effects.

For sure there are other ways to maximize you testosterone levels as well like the 10 tips to improve your testosterone levels. But sometimes you really do want to speed up the process a little, and it is here a testosterone booster can be a great idea.

When you choose a testosterone booster it is important to remember that you need to take a closer look at the ingredients and make sure that you find either Fenugreek or Tribulus Terrestris on the ingredient list. These two ingredients are very effective and must have when we want to boost our testosterone levels.

T-90 Xplode comes with both ingredients and you should head over to in order to learn a lot more about this muscle building supplement.

Also check out this article to learn a lot more about testosterone and what impact it has on your life.


Garcinia Slim 500 Weight Loss – The Benefits

Garcinia Slim 500 Weight LossYou have probably already heard a lot about garcinia cambogia extract and how it can make people on a diet lose weight. But to be honest it is really a jungle out there if you want to choose a garcinia cambogia product to get started with. That is why we have decided to help you out with this articles and give you a couple of recommendation if you too want to get started with one of the most powerful weight loss supplements today.

Garcinia Slim 500 weight loss is a highly advanced weight loss supplement that can help you to lose weight in a couple of different ways. The benefits you will get from this supplement is way different from all the other weight loss supplements we have on the market today. No more is it about raising your energy levels in order to make you lose weight.

A garcinia cambogia supplement is a way smarter way to lose weight, lets take a closer look at some the benefits.

Burn More Body Fat Naturally

The lyaze enzyme ensures that the food we do not need get stored as body fat for later use. The only problem today is that our diet is so calorie rich that we do not need that function anymore. Instead we end up getting over-weight and obese.

the hydroxycitric acid in Garcinia Slim 500 will stop the lyaze enzyme from functioning correctly which means that less food will be stored as body fat for later use. This that it will help you to promote a weight loss basically without increasing your activities or changing your diet.

Stop Emotional Eating

Another great way this supplement can help you to lose weight is by helping you to control your emotional eating. When you take garcinia cambogia you can expect an increase of serotonin levels. This will make you stay more positive and you will not be looking for happiness in your food anymore.

This can be a very effective way to get started to lose weight. But however it is recommended that you try to figure our exactly what triggers your emotional eating, more so you do not have to start all over in a year or so.

Suppress Your Appetite

If the above two benefits are not going to help you, then for sure one will. Serotonin also carries the benefit of being able to suppress your appetite in such a way that you will not get tempted to eat to much anymore.

Also external temptations like smelling or see food will decrease. Higher levels of serotonin will decrease the presence of dopamine which is the hormone that normally active hunger when food is nearby.

In this article we have gone thru some of the greatest benefits using a supplement like Garcinia Slim 500. But there are many other reasons why you should get started with garcinia. Learn a lot more about the Garcinia Slim 500 benefits here.

Also there is a lot more to learn about the benefits using hydroxycitric acid to lose weight. You can learn more about that here.

Finally boost your weight loss efforts with the video we have for you below.

4 Steps to a Better Muscle Building

Muscle Building PlanningIn this article we are going to give you 5 tips that you need to consider if you want to get more out of the time you spend in the gym in order to build lean muscles and strength.

If you follow our advises not only will you be able to build lean muscles faster, you will also be able to build more natural muscle mass without any use of illegal substances.

Preparing for the Gym

You pre-workout phase is very important to your success. A lot of guys neglect this period and just go to gym without thinking about what benefits a pre-workout phase can give you.

It is in this period, like an hour before your workout, you will have a protein rich meal. It is here you take your pre-workout supplements like a good nitric oxide or creatine supplement. And it is here that you make sure you get a little rest so you can hit it hard while being in the gym.

If you take the time to mentally prepare yourself for your workout, you will get a much better workout with a better intensity. This will benefit you in the long run by building more lean muscles.

Your Gym Workout

Now it is time to hit it hard in the gym. It is always a good idea to do a couple of light sets and reps, before you start to hit it hard. Doing that will push some blood out to your muscles and warm them up. This will make it easier for you to go heavy and really hit it hard.

What is important is to limit your workout to max one hour of weight lifting. If you have some body fat you want to get rid of, you can do some cardio after your weight loss, and stay for 30 minutes.

It is not recommended to do cardio before your weight lifting, because you need all the juice you got to push your muscles hard.

After the Gym

The post-workout is very important and can really optimize results if you know what you are doing.

Most important is that you get your recovery started as fast as possible, which means you should have a protein shake and some carbohydrates as soon as possible. After your workout it will actually benefit you to get a Coke or a Gatorade in order to get some sugar. This will fill up your muscles with glycogen which make it easier for your body to take up proteins.

Your protein shake should consist of whey proteins and give you at least 25 grams of proteins. You can either have it with water or some skimmed milk.

There are hard gainer powders out there, there are typically a combination of whey protein and sugars. The contain a lot of calories and is no recommended if you need to get rid of some body fat.

The next thing you need to focus on in the post-workout phase is to get a meal as soon as possible. After your meal you are done for the day and it is time to rest so you can recover.

You Sleep

Finally we have your sleep. Stress full nights with only 4 hours of sleep is not the way forward if you want to build lean muscles and strenght. You will need a lot more than that.

However it is very individual how much sleep a person will need. The best you can do is to turn of your alarm and wake up by your self. If you cannot get up in time, you need to go to bed earlier.

That’s It

That’s basically it! Focus on getting these phases incorporated in your workouts and you will be well on your way to build some lean muscles and strength.

Good luck.

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A Low Calorie Diet? Not a Good Idea for Weight Loss!

Low Calorie DietSoon the holidays are coming and then the month of January where a lot of people feel that they need to pay for their sins they have made, by going on a low calorie diet. Many people have done it before, and many people will do it again.

You can also ask yourself this question how many times you have been on a diet in January?

My guess it that you have done it more than once,  probably also more than twice, and probably even more!

You see low calorie dieting which is the method most people uses when they want to lose weight, really do not work that well. In worse case scenarios low calorie dieting actually makes us gain more weight.

A Misconception

It is a misconception to believe, just because we over-ate ourselves during the holidays, that we then have to starve ourselves with a low calorie weight loss diet in order to create a balance with our diet and promote a weight loss.

Spend More Energy Instead

Actually you are much better off focusing on eating what your body needs and then just burn the extra calories off by spending more energy daily.

Here we are talking about going to the gym, but also increase our overall activities so you move around more. This is all from doing some more vacuum cleaning in your house do to more walking when you are out buying groceries. It all ads up.

What Happens with Your Body When You Go on a Low Calorie Diet

Could probably lose 5 to 10 pounds in a week doing a low calorie diet. You could probably also lose 20 to 25 pounds in a month doing a low calorie diet where you would be eating as little as 800 to 1000 calories per day.

Now you may clap in your hands and say, wonderful that is exactly what I want.

The thing is with this type of diet it is really not that much body fat you are losing. Perhaps only up to 4 pounds in a month. The rest is muscle mass and body fluids.

One Pound of Muscle Mass Lost Means….

For each pound of muscle mass you are losing you will have to cut your diet by around 70 calories per day in order to avoid gaining weight again. This means if you have lose 10 pounds of muscle mass you will have to eat 700 calories less in order to maintain your weight after your finished your diet.

This is going to be impossible for you to do, else you wouldn’t be in this situation where you have to go on another low calorie diet.

If you exercises more and build lets say 4 pounds of muscles in a month. You would be able to eat 280 calories more per day without gaining weight. That how the differences are.

Low Calories Dieting Almost Like a Religious Movement

It is interesting when we take a look at our yearly low calorie dieting period in January. It is almost like a religious movement, of the more extreme, where we really have to pay for all the sins we made in the holidays.

But it does not really make any sense. Why should we pay for the time we have spend with our friends and families, like it was a sin? Yes we did get a little bit to much to eat, and perhaps drink, but we did have some great time. But why do we take that as a sin where we feel we really do have to punish ourselves with a low calorie diet?

A more Positive Look Back

Instead in the month of January, you should look back at the wonderful times you had, and then just focused on trying out some new exciting healthy foods combined with more activities and exercises.

Forget about looking at yourself every morning telling yourself that you are fat. You are not. The ideals we have today on how the human body should look like, it’s all wrong!

Just be who you are, but be healthy, with a healthy mind and positive thoughts.

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