Do I Really Need Exogenous Ketones When Doing The Keto Diet?

do exogenous ketones work

Do I need exogenous ketones just because I want to lose weight doing the keto diet?

It is a question many people are asking when they are considering doing the keto diet!

The truth about the keto diet is that it is an independent diet which means you can do it without using any supplements.

So matter what you hear, you don’t have to buy any keto protein powder, MCT Oils, or Exogenous ketones to get started doing the keto diet!


The Keto Diet Ain’t Easy To Do

As many dieters are experiencing, the keto diet is not always that easy to maintain. Remember to lose weight, you must increase your fat intake so 75% of your diet comes from fat. At the same time, you must lower your carb intake so less than 8% of your diet is carbohydrates.

To reach these numbers is necessary, else you will fail and not lose any weight. For most people, it can be a hurdle to get their body into ketosis where you finally will start to burn ketones coming from fat.

It may sound easy at the beginning of your diet, letting go of your carbohydrates and eating some fat.

However, fat is still fat! There is a healthy and unhealthy fat. It means avocadoes are a 100 times better option than having bacon. When doing the keto diet, you should focus on getting some healthy sources of fat and limit the unhealthy ones.

Many dieters don’t think of that when they get started. It means they end up in a struggle trying to get into ketosis but fail to do so.

When Exogenous Ketones Comes Into Play

It is at this point that exogenous ketones can be helpful. The comes with BHB salts which can make up for many of the ketones you will need to get your body into ketosis. It means you no longer have to wait for your body to produce them, which can take up to weeks in a worst-case scenario. Remember, the more you wait for your results on a diet, the more you will lose motivation.

There is no point in doing a diet if you have to wait for a couple of weeks before you start to see and to feel any results. It is why exogenous ketones can be very helpful when doing the keto diet.

How To Get Started Using Exogenous Ketones

If you want to make your keto diet easier to maintain you too can get started using exogenous ketones. But make sure that you are getting 100% pure and genuine ingredients, else they will fail to get you into ketosis.

Some good brands to get started using are either Keto Fit Pro or Enhanced Keto. Both come with some great discounts if you decide to buy them in bulk.

If you are living in Australia or New Zealand, you might want to take a closer look at Ketovatru. It is en exciting exogenous ketone supplement that will help you to reach ketosis faster.

Keep In Mind

Remember that exogenous ketones or any other weight loss supplement can never replace a good healthy diet and regular exercise. Supplements are supplements, help to make your diet experience easier and more convenient.

Also, before starting using supplements you should have a talk with your doctor.

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