Get Better Gains With Your Leg Workouts

Get Better Gains With Your Leg Workouts

Most guys hate doing it others are hiding them in a pair of baggy pants. We are talking about your leg workouts, the muscle group a lot of guys want to avoid and only a few are training as was it a science.

The fact is if you are serious about your training you do need to do your leg workouts as well. It is embarrassing to see guys hiding their legs in a pair of baggy pants because they are not training their legs.

For most guys, it is the thought of the pain that they may get from doing exercises like squats, deadlifts or lunges. Seriously get over it.

How to Approach Your Leg Workouts

So how should solve this issue? First of all, you should get started to train your legs at least once every week. Not only will it give you some good gains with muscles on your legs. It will also release a cocktail of growth hormones that will benefit muscles for the rest of your body.

Your Exercises

When it comes to your leg workouts doing more does not mean better. With your leg workouts you should stick to only a few but very useful exercises such as squats, lunges, deadlifts and leg press.

Secondary exercises you can combine these four primary exercises with are leg curls, leg extensions, sitting and standing calf raises.

It is basically what you need to do. But make you that you train hard, so you barely can do the last couple of reps.

Your Workout

With my leg workouts, I will do leg extensions and curls more as a warm-up because they can be hard on your knees and lower back. So I use these two exercises to fill up my leg muscles with blood, so I can be ready to lit very hard with my primary first leg exercises.

From then on I will move on with squats first, and then lunges and leg presses until I feel exhausted.

Finally, I will end up doing my calf training.

Sets and Repetitions

Your legs workouts should contain 4 sets and repetition range of between 12 and down to 6.

If I feel good one day and ready to push myself harder, I will go up to do six sets on exercises like squats and leg press in order to exhaust my legs even further.

When It Comes to Your Leg Workout Diet

If you want to get more muscle mass on your legs, it is recommended to take your diet a little more serious around your leg workout days.

Still, make sure to get a good amount of proteins, maybe even go up to between 40 and 50 grams per meal including snack that day.

I will also pay more attention to my carbohydrates. Make sure to get some good solid starches like potatoes and brown rice.

Finally, to get the final juice to your leg workouts, I would use a supplement like Trenorol. It will optimize the nutrients I am getting from my diet and will give me more energy and endurance for my leg workouts.

It is important when you want to get the most out of your training.

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