Getting Rid of Sugar Cravings and Lose Weight Faster

How to Stop Sugar Cravings

One thing is for sure if there is one thing that can destroy your weight loss diet attempts it is sugar. Sugar cravings, while you want to lose weight can mess up your brain and get you right back to your old eating habits again. And when you are stuck there it can be tough to get back on track with your diet, because sugar is like a drug and can be very addictive.

And when you are stuck there it can be tough to get back on track with your diet, because sugar is like a drug and can be very addictive.

In this article, we are going to take a closer at what you can do to get rid of these sugar cravings and be able to stick to your diet without any disruptions.

Never Go Around Hungry

Going hungry around and not be able to maintain your 5 to 6 smaller meals per day can trigger your sugar cravings. It is probably the biggest problem among people who wants to lose weight.

The easiest way to avoid these cravings is to make sure to eat regular and healthy food every three hours. It is also the recommended guidelines for every diet, nutritionists, and doctors.

Taking in sugar as your primary source of calories during stressful periods will increase your cortisol levels and make it much easier to become over-weighted.

Increase Your Daily Protein Intake, Especially for Breakfast

Getting a high amount of proteins are an excellent way to stop sugar cravings. Not only will proteins make you feel full and satisfied, but they will also stop the thoughts of the need for sugar.

Especially increasing your protein intake at breakfast time will benefit you the whole day, because it will lower your sugar cravings overall.

Solve What Ever Issues You May Have The Makes You Crave Sugar

Often it is not because we are hungry or need to get some calories we turn into sugar-rich foods.

Deeper emotions, thoughts or problems directly trigger our brain’s reward system, so we feel like we are getting a reward when we are “allowed” to get some sweets.

Here it can be a great idea to do a little soul searching to figure out if there is anything you are concerned about that triggers this reward system. It can be a breakup, problems at work or something on a deeper level.

Just getting aware of it is often enough to stop your sugar cravings.

Suppress Your Appetite

Suppress your appetite is not only an excellent way to stop your sugar cravings. It is also a great way to stop whatever cravings for food you may have.  Using a supplement like Phen Q is a good way to suppress your appetite. It will do it by increasing levels of serotonin.

High amounts of serotonin will reduce the levels of the hunger hormones that cause these cravings for sugar.

When you work on your appetite using Phen Q you will also learn portion control, which will benefit you for years to come after you finished your diet.

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Increase Your Activity Levels

The more active you are, the fewer cravings for sugar you will have. Your brain releases endorphins while you are active. These are an excellent way to fight off sugar cravings.

So in your daily life always make sure to walk around a lot, do some activities at home or get a gym membership. It will all add up and benefit you when you want to stop sugar cravings.

You can get yet another 13 ways to fight sugar cravings at this link.

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